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The Corporate Advantage (TCA), a customized HR benefits solution provider, offers a new platform that delivers current and new supplier employee purchase programs. Not only does TCA consolidate, organize and promote your existing programs and discounts, but we also develop new programs as well—all customized to your employee base with minimal client administration and resource allocation. The Corporate Advantage provides an added benefit that improves employee engagement, expands loyalty and trust and drives down the cost of employee turnover.

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Do your employees take full advantage of the numerous benefits offered to them? One benefit in particular that is rarely utilized to its full potential is the employee purchase program, where suppliers have extended exclusive discounts and value-added bonuses just for being an employee at your company. The Corporate Advantage (TCA) solves this problem by offering a program unlike any other. As the only platform customized to the client employee base, The Corporate Advantage solidifies the engagement and reward link between the employee and the company.

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 The Corporate Advantage delivers a platform empowering HR departments and organizations to cut churn costs, retain quality and improve value from employees, and augment the corporate core value statement to drive employee satisfaction, engagement, and morale. Our core competencies target Employee Affinity Programs by consolidating existing programs and delivering new programs, all on a customized platform, and all designed to drive longer-lasting employee relationships and retention - with a value proposition to cut turnover costs and increase engagement.

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