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The Corporate Advantage: A Customized Solution to Drive Employee Engagement

We deliver a customized HR benefits solution delivering a new supplier employee purchase program platform that:

  • Streamlines current programs
  • Negotiates new programs
  • Consolidates all programs onto a central portal

Programs are customized to your employee base with minimal client administration and resource allocation.

Designed for businesses of all sizes across the United States and Canada, The Corporate Advantage drives employee engagement, expands loyalty and lowers employee turnover cost.

Many employees today aren’t taking full advantage of their employee purchase program for challenges that include:

  • Difficult to find information
  • Burdensome transactions
  • Minimal employee marketing

Users of corporate benefit programs enjoy significant savings with suppliers who give them the best value for their dollar—a hidden, yet valuable perk for today’s businesses looking to replace frozen or cancelled traditional benefit programs with an alternative, easy-to-use platform delivering instant engagement results.

Executive Team

Taylor Tisdale, MBA: Founder and CEO, The Corporate Advantage

Marketing From the Streets December, 2012 podcast interview hosted by Todd Schnick featuring Taylor can be heard here:

Taylor is the brainchild behind the company and the concept. After earning his MBA and through years of executive experience delivering win/win strategic partnerships within IT, eSourcing/Procurement, Human Resources, Marketing, and Business Development services, Taylor founded the company in 2010.

A former Director delivering millions in revenue, Taylor’s background includes depth in securing and delivering executable technology, processes; negotiating multimillion dollar contracts, implementing Affiliate Pricing Programs, and producing 20%+ revenue growth through management of complex negotiations projects and business development.

He has executed multiple deals with Fortune 500 companies across several industry verticals including Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Petroleum, Corporate Travel, Automobile, Financial, and Technology and now focuses his passion for value delivery to corporations, employees, and suppliers with this new platform.

Taylor discovered a market between volume-negotiated supplier contract pricing, employees seeking corporate developed exclusive discounts, and engaged supplier distribution channels. He realized a customized, easily executable solution tailored to every client employee base was required to maximize value, and the concept for The Corporate Advantage was born.  Today, this customizable client platform represents a reliable transaction process for both customer and supplier that continuously drives employee engagement.

Warren Schmitt, MPA: Co-Founder and President, The Corporate Advantage

Co-founder and President of The Corporate Advantage, Warren taps his vast experience implementing Human Resources Operations and Account Management programs for Fortune 500 clients encompassing a wide range of industries that include Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, and Nonprofits with a keen focus on employee engagement.  This depth and breadth of knowledge proves critical to the successful launch of The Corporate Advantage.

Warren relies on his vast experience that includes Director of Operations, Human Resources, Diversity and Talent Acquisition to launch transformational programs that evolve employee culture to significantly increase productivity and retention.   His passion serves clients well in this critical role at The Corporate Advantage, as his responsibilities include successful product delivery through Account Management and Operations