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The Corporate Advantage: An HR Solution That Boosts Your Benefits Program

Do your employees take full advantage of the numerous benefits offered to them? One benefit in particular that is rarely utilized to its full potential is the employee purchase program, where suppliers have extended exclusive discounts and value-added bonuses just for being an employee at your company.

The Corporate Advantage (TCA) solves this problem by offering a program unlike any other. As the only platform customized to the client employee base, The Corporate Advantage solidifies the engagement and reward link between the employee and the company.

The benefits of our program that make it attractive to both employees and HR professionals alike include:

  • Measurable investment return
  • Cut churn costs by keeping employees engaged and motivated
  • Limited client resource requirement
  • Dedicated TCA account manager focused on you and your organization
  • Lower cost incentive than bonus distribution and/or salary increases
  • Reduction in recruitment, orientation, training and lost productivity costs
  • Customized platform review/implementation
  • The choice to be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like
  • Customizable messaging and brand strategy
  • 100% hosted and administered by TCA
  • Employees contact us with any customer service issues
  • Reliable technology platform
  • Continuous, ongoing rewards
  • Simple, easy-to-use, non-technical interface


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