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The Corporate Advantage Mission Statement

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, The Corporate Advantage delivers a platform empowering HR departments and organizations to cut churn costs, retain quality and improve value from employees, and augment the corporate core value statement to drive employee satisfaction, engagement, and morale. Our core competencies target Employee Affinity Programs by consolidating existing programs and delivering new programs, all on a customized platform, and all designed to drive longer-lasting employee relationships and retention.

Our Value Proposition

The Corporate Advantage value proposition is to cut turnover costs, drive employee retention and increase engagement. We do this through consolidating employee discount programs onto one customized platform. Benefits of our solution give you:

  • Branding/Message Control: content access is restricted to defined users
  • Reliable Processes: dedicated support monitors usage
  • Straightforward User Interface: simple design and program execution that works
  • Keeps Benefits Promises: alternative to bonus/compensation freezes
  • Retain Top Talent: new programs keep employees engaged
  • Recruitment Differentiator: new programs to the Benefits toolbox
  • Benefits Replacement: easily substitute a current benefit that is being eliminated or frozen


Platform Components

We execute two primary program components that make our solution unique:

1. Consolidate and organize existing supplier programs into a seamless, easy-to-use customized platform.  You’ll see an improvement in the transaction process of current programs immediately upon launch and promotion.

2. Proactively negotiate and add new deals and discounts for employees.  As your experience matures, we continually identify, implement and market new suppliers to the program resulting in a custom-built solution tailored to your workforce. To do this we execute a two prong approach: first, by analyzing your current offerings through geography and procurement; second, by developing new programs contingent on geography, employee demographics/feedback, and reciprocal business arrangements.

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